Broken Skylight

by Nate Braeuer

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A couple lie in bed and talk throughout the morning.
Over the bed is a skylight. Its glass is cracked.
On a clear day it refracts the sunlight in interesting ways.
On a rainy day the crack gives way to raindrops.
This particular day is astonishingly bright.


released February 10, 2017

All songs by Nate Braeuer

Nate Braeuer: Voice, piano, drums, Casio, bells & whistle
Ryan Trott: Guitars and bass

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Lance Koehler at Minimum Wage Studios in Richmond, VA

Artwork by Ryan Trott

Special thanks to:
KK, Susan & Marisa
for unending support and inspiration

For my brother Matt



all rights reserved


Nate Braeuer Charlottesville, Virginia

Baritonic piano folk


"Harbor Mines" Project

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Track Name: Broken Skylight
In the dark I tried to find some sacred testament
Buried in the pit of it; the myth of quitting time
But shards of light got in my eyes and I can't get rid of it
Like drops of medicine, maybe heaven-sent
You might not want it but it's time
You might not want it but it's heaven-sent

When the happiness is split from "what you want" and "who you are"
Between the kitchen and the bar, the swinging door just hits
In the face that just won't quit. O the times of old!
Between the door and the bold,

Broken window high above, blue and luminous
It's just the two of us, nothing to speak of but
I was blue and high above
I was blue and high above

Chimes and keychains, don't be afraid! It's not as bad as it may seem
Just time to wake up from your dreams
It's a new day all around! Let's walk to town and feel the air
Please don't act like you don't care

"Please don't act like you don't care,"
She turned and said.
"Outside lies the street, which is also like a bed!"
Track Name: Bluegrass
I wasn't raised on bluegrass I'm from the suburbs
I can't sing a song that I haven't suffered
I'm not united with the culture
I'm not entitled to the pain
And when I suffer, it's mild and wild and strange

Tried some cowboy boots, yeah, but they were useless
Listened to someone's roots but I'm still rootless
So I drove to the music store
They told me what I've been looking for
I needed something more

I was born on the open plain in the market
Submitted to the endless chain once in a Target
I was a bagger in a grocery store
Singing "That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore"
Till I was shown the door

I wasn't raised on bluegrass I'm from the suburbs
I can't sing a song that I haven't suffered
I haven't suffered
Track Name: Git Along Times
The fallen cloud covered the trees
and blew the embers of November's leaves
Call off the hounds! They're licking my feet
Cries of timber no one ever believes
I've been staring at this carousel
Those tiny horses are the agents of hell
The git along times come

It was a hazy day at the memory parade
On the stage we played sentimental charades
I nearly broke my back trying to re-enact
Every moment of love, trying to bring it back
The git along times come

I stepped into town with certainty
that any day I would be given the key
They brought me down into harmonies
and now I'm grounded till I take the lead
I can hear the roaring of the seas
In empty bottles wrapped in fleur de lys
The git along times come

It's taken years of hesitating behind the door
Conquering the fears of wanting more
Peeking through the sheers at the open shore
The git along times come
Track Name: Wanderlust
Let's go away to Kentucky
Ohio how you shove me
Saw you smile in the courtyard rain
I was alive and wild like I'd been born again

Have I been bad Massachusetts?
You gave me everything you had and I went through it
Gonna miss our Missouri
Wish I could kiss all her blisters and worry

The fall was magical
Till our bodies fell in sync with the season
Autumn doesn't get sad it gets even

Wish I could place you above me
All the way to Kentucky
Carolina arise to new terrain
Over wild spires down the cobblestone drains
In the courtyard in the pouring rain
Where my startled heart would start and peel away

The fall was magical
Till our bodies fell in sync with the season
Don't surrender to gravity's hands in the evening
Track Name: New Me
I was dreaming you were heaving at my open casket viewing
I'm all clean shaven with some blush for my blue cheeks
In the Sanctuary of Forbidden Blue Jeans
Some were surprised that death is different than the movies

Words were spoken by someone who never knew me
Like "heroic" or "stoic" he spoke of acts of dignity
Eyes were rolling; sighs rise from underneath
Assorted sniffles and tissues to keep the noses clean

Quiet exodus to dinner at Luby's
Where as usual conversation tends to stick like Goobers in your teeth
To the pub 'cause the day was kind of gloomy
My buddies look above and raise a glass to toast the new me

I'm frozen, unchosen, at poison ivy'd gravesite
Claustrophobic and I can't get to sleep at night
In the morning maybe see if I can fly
Fishing for memories like I'm looking for my light

You say my name and all my world goes bright
Like an abandoned cigarette landing on the highway at night
Landing on the highway at night
Lighting up the highway night
Track Name: Other People
I'm singing for the heart of someone
who's been bad to other people
Looking for a little more fun
to get his sad heart beating
Wishing he could travel through time
and just be kind to those that need it
I'm singing for the heart of someone
who once was blind; now he can see it

It was a long, long time ago
Now you're on your own
Stuck like a hotel window
It's everywhere you go

I'm singing for the heart of someone
who's been bad to other people
Drinking bottles in the hot sun
The plastic bag stuck on a steeple
Never listened to the Old
Though they told about the Evil
I'm singing for the heart of someone
who's been bad to other people

You know just who you are
Safe inside a bar
Staring at the fallen snow
You can go outside you know