Torch Cricket

by Nate Braeuer

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Torch Songs for Crickets


released February 12, 2016

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Lance Koehler at Minimum Wage Studios in Richmond, VA
Artwork by Ryan Trott
Special thanks to Gene Osborn



all rights reserved


Nate Braeuer Charlottesville, Virginia

Baritonic piano folk


"Harbor Mines" Project

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Track Name: You May Never Change
Lo, behold!
You're no longer young or old
Nestled in the trees
Wrestling with the leaves
Waiting for the wind to bring you to your knees

Once there was wild in the wilderness
You were a child before your clever whatever-ness
Meanwhile out West
There's a piercing light you fear might be marvelous

You may never change the way you wanted to

I was drunk in the park
For hours after dark
A tired melody
Heard it by the sea
Written by the man I thought I used to be
Then came a crowd
But they came too soon
They wandered around
Until they built this room
They gave me a broom and a chair
And I drew a cartoon that gave the room
a set of stairs

You may never change the way you wanted to
But I wouldn't dream of ever asking you to.
Track Name: Chain Bookstore
Sleeping in a chain bookstore
Dreaming about a civil war
How all the brave did fall
I woke up to your call

Left me lying in my bed
Circling birds overhead
I couldn't believe you said
You didn't want me instead

How could I fall so far?
You caught me off my guard
Cutting right to the heart
Fuck all the books and art

Just like old King Kong
Held a golden blonde
I was king on an ancient shore
Who woke up in a chain bookstore

Sleeping in a chain bookstore
Dreaming about a civil war
How all the brave did fall
I woke up to your call
Track Name: Hum Alone Heart
You're the bee's knees
I'm a snail in the snow
You're the breeze through the window
I came to get straight, to get loose
Don't I look great
In my new snow white shoes

I wish we could meet
Somewhere else like a mall
Where we could be like anyone at all
Like, "Been so long, my friend. How you been?"
"I'm fine. I'm on fire
I'm ready for the weekend"

My dear, my desire
Can you fit me in?
Don't let walls come between us
We still share a shore. You said it was a dream
The sand on the floor
I brushed off your knee

Like an old rusty dart buried in a bed of leaves
This hum alone heart hides up our sleeve.
Track Name: Drumkit
Broke the end off the ending
Broke the bread of beginning
I am a sentimental scientist
Hypothesize what I must have missed
Dust off the drumkit
Aluminum, snare drum, floor tom, kick

We confessed unaware
Got undressed on the wave of a dare
Christened its crest on the carpeted stairs
I was scared of the love in the midst
Twirling its drumsticks
Aluminum, snare drum, floor tom, kick

Threw my sticks in the air
Gave it my all but I just didn't care
Dreamed of a city and the people out there
But the house, would it ever forget
The sound of the drumkit

Meanwhile back on your Dad's couch
Locking lips until someone said "Out!"
Walking back to your Mom's place
Unlit cigarette hung from your face
Love sure turns quick
Aluminum, snare drum, floor tom, kick.
Track Name: Etiquette
When your childhood friend hands you his business card
On a Christmas night in your hometown bar
You'll wonder if this life has come a little too far
When he hands you his business card

Take it from his hand and look at the floor
He's more confident than you are
When you're drunk tiptoeing through your childhood home
You can stick it in your bedroom drawer

You can use it as a bookmark so when you see his name
You can laugh about what he became
It can level tables, it can cut cocaine!
Because it's quality stock and wood grain

When your childhood friend hands you his business card
He's still a good guy, he just works too hard
He'll remind you how the universe expands apart
When he hands you his business card.
Track Name: Western Meditation
Down in the basement
The season changes
A light bulb might burn out but
We get endless replacements
Here's a fence to jump and a tree to climb
And if and when you fall I'll be here
By your side

So run along!
Find your friends and lovers
And if it all feels wrong, well
Run to me for cover
I hope you love to learn and burn to love
And rise above the Other
I hope there's someone out there worthy of
All you have to offer
And I hope you do not
I hope you do not
I hope you do not suffer.